How to Get Rid of Unhappiness Forever

Everyone is different. There are thousands of different countries, cultures, and religions. Within each of those are millions of different individuals with unique personalities, ideas, beliefs, and dreams. But there is one thing that is universal and a part of every culture, religion, and individual. We are all on a quest searching for the same thing, a priceless treasure that everyone wants a piece of. That treasure is happiness. Everyone wants to be happy.

Some people are happy all the time. It might be the person who is financially successful, or it might be the one who is living in poverty. On the other hand, some people are almost never happy. It might be the person who is financially successful, or it might be the one who is living in poverty. And then there are the people who are happy some of the time, but just as often they are unhappy. It might be the person who is financially successful…

I think you get the point. The things you have or don’t have do not decide if you have happiness in your life. There are rich people and poor people who are happy. In fact, research suggests that you are more likely to be happy and satisfied with your life if you are what most would consider “poor.”

Why is that? What is the difference? What is the secret?

One Thing

There is one thing that is required to have true happiness. Just one. It is something that anyone can have if you give them just a moment to get it and hold onto it for a minute.

But beware! Those who hope to find and hold onto happiness without this one thing will be disappointed. Without this thing, true and lasting happiness is impossible to achieve.

Without reading any further, you could figure out what the secret is if you go talk to someone who is always happy. It will only take a few minutes of listening to them to figure out the secret to their happiness.

Once you figure it out, you will notice it is always missing from unhappy people. You can search far and wide for an unhappy person who has this one thing in their life, but your efforts would be futile.

So what is the one thing?

Gratitude Makes You Happy

The number one secret to a happy life is gratitude. With gratitude, you can be happy no matter what your circumstances are. Even the unhappiest person in the entire world can start being happy if they will only start practicing gratitude. Gratitude has transformed countless lives for the better.

Unhappy people want to get rid of their unhappiness. They think it’s this thing that is getting in the way of everything they want in life. Not so.

Unhappiness is just an empty void. It’s an intangible thing that you can’t find or get rid of. It’s like an empty universe with no sun and no planets. Only you have the power to fill the empty universe inside you. Want to know how to get rid of unhappiness forever? Fill the void with gratitude.

This is not just one man’s opinion. It is a law of humanity. Happy people are grateful, and grateful people are happy. I dare you to find someone who is truly grateful for what they have who is not also happy. Truth is there is no one like that. Gratitude and happiness just go together. If happiness is what you seek, gratitude is the path to finding it.

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3 Things Everyone Can Be Grateful For

1 – Life

Life is a blessing, a gift we should all cherish and protect. And we do protect it, even if we don’t realize it. Basic human instinct compels us to preserve our life at almost any cost. Survival is ingrained in our DNA. There is not much we would give up our life for.

Something so valuable, so priceless, that we would do almost anything to preserve it, is something we should be grateful for. We were given life through no apparent effort of our own, and it is one of the things we value above all else.

Life is a gift. Whether it is the child who survives in the jungle or the flower that grows in the desert, life finds a way. Be grateful for that gift, and express that gratitude with your words and actions. Protect your life and the lives of others, live it to the fullest, eat healthy and exercise, and share your gratitude with others who have the same priceless treasure.

flower survives in desert life finds a way

2 – Family

Family is a precious thing, and without it we would not have life, so if we are grateful for life, by extension we should be grateful for family.

Our parents and siblings shape who we are. They give us the life we have, even if we don’t realize it. If you had different parents and siblings, you would be a totally different person. Family builds you into yourself, and that is something to be grateful for.

Even those who don’t have a family, or don’t talk to their family, or come from a bad situation can still have feelings of gratitude for family. Even if the only good thing about your family is that they got you here to this life, be grateful for that.

Spouses and children allow you to pass on your legacy, to share it with other people outside of yourself. Be grateful to those who have allowed you to share yourself with them and be loved by them. Be grateful that we have the ability to create life and bring children into the world to raise and teach and love. The power to create is so common that we might take it for granted, but it is truly the greatest power and gift we have on this earth, so be grateful for it.

3 – Everything

I might be cheating with this one, because it’s not just one thing, but seriously, you can find the good in anything and everything if you are willing to look hard enough. There is always something to be grateful for.

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Find the good in every person, and be grateful that it is there. Find the good in every situation, and be grateful that it is there. Every day, every hour, every minute of your life, be grateful.

Sometimes the good thing is obvious and easy to find, but other times you will have to peel back layers of hardship and heartache to find the good hiding somewhere beneath all the problems. But it’s always there. There’s always at least one thing.

Find the good, and be grateful for it. Show your gratitude. Say it out loud. Feel it in your heart and mind. Let it take over your entire being even for just a moment. And with that gratitude you will find happiness.

Seek out and find those who are happy, and you will see, hear, and feel their gratitude in every area of their life. Strive to be like them. Practice gratitude every minute of every day. Always look for the good, and when you find it, be grateful for it.

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To remind yourself to be grateful every day, quote affirmations of gratitude. Look around you and take note of things you are grateful for, then, at least once a day, look at your notes and say out loud how grateful you are for each thing.

If you are having a hard time coming up with some good gratitude affirmations, the Happy For Life Program has tons of video, audio, and affirmations all dedicated to helping you be happier. You can also sign up for my email newsletter and get instant access to a free copy of my personal Daily Gratitude Affirmations.

Start Now

Look around, right now, and find something to be grateful for. Find something that makes you happy. I just did this exercise, and I found plenty of things to be grateful for, and I’ll tell you one for now. I’m grateful for having a warm house to live in this winter. What are you grateful for? Let me know in the comments.

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