Being the best version of yourself is possible and it is something that most of us want. We want to go through life knowing we aren’t passing by opportunities or adventures. We want to know that we are giving our best effort and getting the most out of every moment.

But how can you know if you are the best version of yourself? How can you even know what that looks like if you’re not sure if you’ve seen it or not? I wanted to find out if I could be the best version of myself, so I did a lot of reading and reflecting and ended with a 3-part process that you can use to become the best version of you.

Part 1 – Keep a Journal

paper and pen for journaling

There are so many people online suggesting to keep a journal that it’s almost become a cliche. I didn’t want to put this step in here for that very reason, but after going through the process myself, I couldn’t ignore the power of this action. Without it, the process would be incomplete and it would never work.

So here it is. Keep a journal. Write down your thoughts at least once a day. I usually do it right before bedtime. Write down what happened that day, what you are grateful for, and what you are looking forward to for tomorrow. You don’t have to spend a lot of time on this, but I’ve found that I sort of get into a spiritual or meditative state when I’m journaling, and I can go for up to an hour or more if I don’t have any interruptions.

I’ve tried a few different mediums for journaling. First I used plain old notebooks, then I switched to using the iPhone app, Day One Journal. Using the app was nice, because I could journal anywhere at anytime, but there was something I missed about writing with a pen and paper. I still like using the app throughout the day to make small notes, and then I transfer everything to paper at the end of the day.

For this new year of 2018, I’ve decided to use the Lucky Life Planner 2018. I haven’t tried it yet, so search around before you decide to get this one, but it looks the best out of all the ones I looked at, so I’ll try it for this year.

It doesn’t really matter what you use to journal, as long as you’re comfortable with the tool you choose. In a short time your journal will become a good friend, one you can trust with all your deepest thoughts and secrets.

It is also crucial for finding out what kind of person you currently are, so that you can compare yourself to the kind of person you want to be. Most of us are already on that path, but to be the very best version of yourself you have to push yourself forward. You can’t just wait for life to get you there on it’s own. Knowing where you are now will help you to know what direction to push yourself to get closer to being the best version of you.

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Part 2 – Surround Yourself with Your Future Self

friend blocks

That may sound a little strange, but it is a true and important part of the process. In your journal, or just on any piece of paper, write down a list of character traits you would like to have. This part of the process was difficult for me, not because I don’t know what I want to be, but because I basically ended up listing all the good character traits in the world, which sort of defeats the purpose of narrowing down what to focus on.

An easier way I found was to write down the top 5 people I look up to, alive or dead. Try this yourself. Who do you admire the very most? What do you like about them? Why do they stand out above everyone else?

Then, list out the character traits that they have. It is a lot easier to see the good in someone else than it is to see it in yourself sometimes. After this exercise, you should have a good list of character traits that you want to have.

Now, look around at the people you spend time with. Look within your circle of friends and family and try to find the 5 people who match up the best with the character traits you have listed in your journal. Once you find them, spend time with them.

It has been said that you are the average of the top 5 people you spend the most time with, so surround yourself with “your future self,” or the people who have the traits you know you want. Spending time with them will automatically help you become the best version of you.

Part 3 – Be Good Enough to Be in Someone Else’s Top 5

man contemplating life; self-reflecting

With the knowledge that we are the average of the 5 people we spend the most time with, it puts some responsibility on each one of us to ask ourselves, if I were in someone else’s top 5, would they become a better or worse person because of it? How do I affect the people around me? Is their day better or worse after having an interaction with me?

These can be tough questions to ask, because after some self-reflection sometimes we don’t like the truth that we find. But in order to be the best version of yourself you need to start with a clear picture of where you are, even if you won’t like what you see. Your journal will be an invaluable tool for this part.

After you’ve answered those questions, take action and make a conscious effort to leave everyone better than you found them. Don’t be the one who always has something negative to say. I like to keep a list of inspiring quotes on my phone to have handy for when someone needs a little dose of positivity.

In the end, you should aspire to be the kind of person that someone else could choose to put in their top 5 people to spend their time with to become the best version of themselves.

Be the Best Version of You

Keep a journal. Self-reflect.

Surround yourself with the best people you can find. Your future is worth it.

Surround yourself with the best people you can find. Your future is worth it. Click To Tweet

Now, be the best version of you. Find out where you are, find out where you want to be, and get going.

That’s the end. I hope you go put the process into action now, and after you’ve done it and seen the results, I would love to hear from you about your journey to becoming the best version of you. Please come back and leave a comment or send an email to let me know what worked for you and what didn’t. Also, what journaling tool do you like the best? I’m always interested in trying new methods so leave a comment with your favorites.

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